25€ / 15min

First Ride

Your child wants to ride one of our machines? You dream of riding a jet ski, but need to be appeased? Our “First ride” is perfect to try our favourite sport, by taking a seat behind a coach. He will adapt his driving according to your wish: more or less speed, more or less turns. Open to young people from 7 to 77 years old…

Yes, jet ski is open to all people from 16 years old.
No. You can drive a jet ski without licence from 16 if you are under the supervision of a professional coach.
Yes. She can be a passenger behind an adult piloting the jet ski.
No. The possibility to ride a jet ski as passenger is based accordingly to the height of the person. People must be sufficiently tall to be able to touch the floor on both sides of the jet ski with their feet when seated on it.
Yes, we’ve got jet skis to rent for people with a French sea boat licence or an equivalent International Certificate of Competence (ICC).
No. This sport is contraindicated in pregnancy.
In most of the case, our sports activities can be practised by disable people. Please, let us know your disability when you’re booking, so we could adapt our offer, if it’s possible.
Yes. We provide a vest that will make you float.