Would you like to experience the unique feeling of flying on the water? We offer the most trending activity of the time: Flyboard. You’ll stand on a board connected by a long hose to a jet ski. A coach will be on the watercraft to give you all the instructions needed and to control the power. Generally it takes 5 minutes to be able to take off. All the gear is provided. Just bring your swimwear and don’t forget your towel!

Flyboard Coach


Hi, I’m JP, your Flyboard coach. In most of the case, you’ll be able to take off in less than 5 minutes!


Yes, Flyboard is open to all people from 16 years old.
No. This sport is contraindicated in pregnancy.
In most of the case, our sports activities can be practised by disable people. Please, let us know your disability when you book, so we could adapt our offer to you if possible.
Yes. We provide a vest that will make you float. However, the Flyboard needs to be able to know how to move in the water with your arms.